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Futuristic Robo-girl OC :iconmr-ad:Mr-AD 6 0 Himeka Allicia the White Rabbit :iconmr-ad:Mr-AD 5 0 The World of Alkeria :iconmr-ad:Mr-AD 2 0 ADs Waifu chart Version 1 :iconmr-ad:Mr-AD 2 9
CCOCT - Candy's Audition
Space. The final frontier...or rather the first frontier of many seeing as it was a rather long day within the Multiversal Hero Association. The absolute pinnacle of technology and peace within the seven universes of the patented 'AD-Verse'. Considering that all the threats at this current time had been completely wiped out it only made sense that one of the M.H.A's best fighters, Alexa Myriad, decided to take a break from her usual routine of deliveries and just relax for a while...
But warriors never sleep and heroes always end up facing the most batshit crazy of scenarios...
"WHA-HUH?!" Alexa yelped as she was suddenly roused from her sleep, a large explosion seemingly causing her to fall to the ground like a sloth falling from a tree. Something was up, and something had managed to breach the outer wall of the M.H.A, and knowing the possible culprit Alexa immediately donned her gear before rushing out through the hallway of the western sector of the huge planetary spac
:iconmr-ad:Mr-AD 2 0
Alexa Myriad / Candy REF SHEET :iconmr-ad:Mr-AD 1 0 Beebop-chan :iconmr-ad:Mr-AD 3 0
Death Battle Z Circuit (Aka Death Battles I claim)
This is a list of the battles that I have claimed, if you like any then say and maybe make a prediction as to who wins!
This will always be updated with more claims I get over time
Note: Whilst most of these fights have thumbnails, some don't and will probably be updated to have some in the future

Sash Lilac VS Beck
The Independent Indies!

Shantae VS Undyne
Long haired, justice filled warriors!

Katsuki Bakugou VS Junkrat
Directed by Michael Bay.

Iris vs Destoroyah
Devils made flesh!

Hollow and empty...
Darth Vader VS Metal Sonic

Augus vs Aries

Because Tifa fans would kill me if I didn't do it
Yang Xiao Long VS Kars, Wammu and Esidisi
:iconmr-ad:Mr-AD 1 10
Mature content
A New position of power (Villain TG/TF/Hypno) :iconmr-ad:Mr-AD 5 2
Mr-AD brings justice to DEATH BATTLE

Full Name:
Aliases: Cosmic, Mr-AD, A.D, Marie, Ya boi, Boss
Height: 5'8'' (1.73 Meters)
Weight: 58.9 kg (130 lbs)
Gender: Male
Species: Human

- Has already made a mark in the DB Community
* Is off to a good start without causing Discourse...yay!
- Almost at 30 Watchers
-- Don't mean shit in the long run really
- Created the Multiversal Hero Association
- Survived multiple political debates
* Albeit with varying degrees of either boredom or participation
- Saved the Universe multiple times from time-travelling threats (DBXV 1-2)
- Survived ravenous hoardes of Rabid Tumblr Shippers
* Tumblr as a being is multiversal level in strength, the Tumblr Shippers are universal in strength
- Has already planned out more seasons of DB-Z

- Able to smash through so
:iconmr-ad:Mr-AD 0 2
Independent Indies DEATH BATTLE!!

A.D: Alright the combatants are set! Let's end this debate once and for all!
Dragon Valley - 20XX - 13:35pm
Another mission, another Mighty Number to try and stop. The remnants of Trinity's corrupted data was causing some robots that hadn't been cured during the epidemic to become more violent than before and it was clear that Doctor White wanted Beck to hunt them down and snap them out of their state...But even then, this territory was unfamiliar and it was ultimately unknown if he would actually be attacked by machines that the Mighty Number had sent to stop him or anyone from taking it down...
However, as he ran through the valley he soon sighed before bringing up communications with his sister, Call:
"Call, the Doctor said there was a Mighty Number loose in this area...or at least some kind of threat. Can you at least tell me wh
:iconmr-ad:Mr-AD 2 27
Independent Indies - Sash Lilac VS Beck PRELUDE

A.D: In today's world, the idea of crowdfunding a games development has become common place. Allowing for developers to reach out to budding fans to donate toward their humble creations.
Candy: But when it comes to these two, one was a soaring dragon and the other a mighty flop.
A.D: Sash Lilac, the water dragon protector of Avalice.
Candy: And Beck, the Mighty Number Nine.
Candy: He's A.D and I'm Candy!
A.D: And it's our job to analyse their weapons, armour and skills to find out who will win a Death Battle!
Candy: Z!
A.D: Seriously? You had to do that? Ugh, lets just get on with this...

Name: Sash Lilac
Alias: Lilac the Water Dragon
Age: 15
Occupation: Hero of Avalice

A.D: The world of Avalice was a peaceful place, with four kingdoms living in harmony with one another. United by one single artefact known as the Kingdom Ston
:iconmr-ad:Mr-AD 2 0
Mature content
Queenly Magic Mishap :iconmr-ad:Mr-AD 2 5
Spiralla Dai-Gurrenza :iconmr-ad:Mr-AD 2 18
A New life? (GT/GTS/TF/TG/WG RP)
You're dead...Or at least you think you are? If anything it comes down to it that some point during the evening prior to you waking up in this white void, there was some sort of incident that caused you to become nothing more than just a corpse, your soul waking up here. Was this purgatory? Well if anything it was clear that this wasn't heaven or hell so you decided to look around. Upon making your way over toward the north...or at least what you thought was north you soon heard a loud thundering voice.
"Welcome my child!"
Upon hearing this you turn around to find what seemed to be the most gorgeous looking woman that you could ever lay eyes on, her hair a snow white but her skin a beautiful and lush brown, her outfit consisting of what seemed to be a purple robe that just screamed that this was some sort of higher being...but the main thing to strike you was that she was bigger than you could comprehend, you didn't even reach up to her smallest toe.
:iconmr-ad:Mr-AD 7 71
The Final Frontier (Digital GTS/GT/TG/TF RP)
Space, the final frontier, mankind has always been delving into what lies beyond our very own planet and now in the year 30XX mankind has made the biggest impact on space by spreading out and starting colonies nearly everywhere they went. With this came a general boost in technological advancement thanks to [REDACTED] and his colleagues, the World Government soon took notice and began to distribute new nano-machine technology to almost every person that could afford it...Overall mankind was now in the newest digital space age and goddamn was it good! here comes your story. You're obviously a member of a society on a random planet somewhere within the many colonies and it seems that the world is looking bright for you...but of course with how these events usually go there is almost ALWAYS something that changes things forever...but what will happen? Only you can find out!
Scenario (1): You're on
:iconmr-ad:Mr-AD 5 238

Random Favourites

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Micro Story

What is it?: Very small stories of any variety, usually with no kind of build up or plot behind them

What is IN them?: Can be quite literally anything you want, though usually this'll be for those that want a Transformation style story or some kind of trailer for their character. It can also be something random of your choice that you just wanna see be written.

Page Length: 3 Pages or around that length

Requirements: A Description of your OC or Persona character, or a general idea of the story either via an image or description when you comment


Mr-AD has started a donation pool!
38 / 400
If you want to commission something from me then you can donate through points, just ask me for general prices on stuff like stories or art, etc, etc and I'll give you what you need.

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I've now officially passed the tutorial level of life
Futuristic Robo-girl OC
So I was busy in college and I decided that I was gonna make a Robo-OC and well...Here is the lineart for her.

Now I dunno what I'mma call her but I think she'll be some kind of worker robot unit, I dunno you guys gimme some ideas here
Himeka Allicia the White Rabbit
Name; Himeka Allicia
Nickname; White Rabbit, Alice Rabbit, etc, etc
Age; 19
Universe of living?: AD-Verse Alkeria-1C
Theme; The Rabbit is Late


Hair; Blonde
Eyes; Blue
Regular clothing; A Pretty blue and white dress complete with navy blue and white socks and a white ribbon bow
Notable Facial Features / Makeup; N/A
Notable Features on body; Her two large white rabbit ears
Overall health; Excellent


Positive Personality Trait(s): Curious, Child-like, caring
Negative Personality Trait(s): Naive, gullible, troubled
Fear(s): [Classified]
Habit(s)/Quirk(s): [Classified]
Insane, Sane, Descending into Insanity, or Becoming Sane?: [Classified]
Goal(s)/Motivation(s): To become apart of Alkeria's Royal White Mages
Moral Compass (Chaotic neutral, for example): Lawful Neutral to Lawful Good
Voice Actors: Lindsey Jones (US) / Saori Hayami (JPN)

Favourite . . . 

Flower: Clover
Food: Chocolate Kisses
Place: Halford, the city of Gardens
Color:  Blue
Activities:  Practising her magic, travelling, relaxing, resting 
Others: [Classified]

Least Favorite . . . 

Flower:  Weeds
Food:  Broccoli Leaves
Place: The Halls of Eldritch Necromancy
Color: Neon Pink
Activities: Being forced not to study her magic, schoolwork
Others:  [Classified]


Birthdate/Place: [UNKNOWN]
Family (Includes spouse, children, parents, siblings, or any other notable family 
Friend(s)/Allies:  A.D the wandering knight, Fira the trickster, Piper Vulcan
Enemies/Rivals: Baron B.Z. Bub, Miss Lucina Ferrere
Romantic Interest(s)/Crush (es):  [Classified]
Ethnicity: Alkerian
Overall History: [Classified]

Fighting information

Ability (ies)/Superpower (s); 
Magical Summoning, energy projection, time slow
Weapon (s)/Gear; A Small pocket watch
Fighting style; [Classified]
Strength (s); The magical summoning and energy projection that Himeka can use is very useful for crowd control, allowing her to create absolute swarms of bullets all at once, giving her foes very little room to actually attack her in, her time slow being able to mess up their perception of time and give her a free shot at attacking them
Weakness (es); Her energy can be limited in some regard, and the time slow itself is only able to be used for about five seconds at a time
Skill (s); [Classified]
Partner (s); A.D, Fira, Bridget the Trickster goddess


Appartment, House, Condo, etc?; A Large castle-like mansion
Location; Allicia the wonderland sector of Aelwic
Messy, Clean, getting messier or getting cleaner; Clean
Do they like living there?; Yes
Can they afford living there?; It's free, seeing as they actually own that part of the town thanks to their family
Pet(s); A Small trickster familiar by the name of Mia
Occupation (s); Trained magician, royal white mage in training
Do they like their job (s); Yes
Way (s) of transportation: Horse back, walking, teleportation runes

Himeka was originally owned by :iconyllande: but now owned by :iconmr-ad:
I really gotta stop taking battles from peeps that probably would wanna do 'em

God Emperor Of Mankind Vs Son Goku By Ssj4truntank by Mr-AD
The God Emperor of Mankind VS Son Goku

They're combat ready!
Genos VS Penny Polendina

Death Battle - Genos vs Penny Polendina by falconreachhero

I'll teach you justice...
Sans VS Jotaro Kujo

As always if ANY of these battles are claimed then just lemme know


Mr-AD's Profile Picture
Salt Incarnate
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
My name is Mr AD, I'm a fan of playing video games, writing stories, watching anime, humour, memes and creating brand new OCs

Personality: = :bulletgreen: Positive Trait = :bulletred: Negative Trait
:bulletgreen: Tenacious :bulletred: Brash
:bulletgreen: Creative :bulletred: Lazy
:bulletgreen: Smart :bulletred: Loses Focus
:bulletgreen: Writes :bulletred: Loses Concentration Easily

I Speak English - UK flag by stamps-club Unashamed Stamp: Music by KisayaMyst RWBY Fan Stamp by Digital-SilverEyes Scroll Stamp by KyandiRainbow Pyrrha Nikos stamp by HystericDesigns Final Fantasy VII Tifa Stamp by ViciousBlue Expansion Art Stamp by Hunter-Arkaman I support fetish art by WhyAreIHere Kill La Kill Stamp: Ryuuko by wow1076 Activity Messages Stamp by StampsAreAwesome .:I forget shit.: by Da-Dingo




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